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Route 66, where the surrealist rubber meets the road

This cartoon by Sam Cobean appeared in The New Yorker, Sept. 1947, p. 57. The caption reads “I knew we should have kept on Route 66 out of Flagstaff.” I first found this cartoon in a publication of the Chicago surrealists: Letters to Chicago Surrealists (October 1971-March 1973), prefaced by “Herbert Marcuse and the Surrealist Revolution” […]

Patalogic in the Garden of Sidamo

Patalogic in the Garden of Sidamo By Ralph Dumain And the desart wild Become a garden mild. —William Blake, ‘The Little Girl Lost’, Songs of Experience Drinking coffee in a garden, sitting under a bright red sun umbrella affixed to a table, reading René Daumal’s Pataphysical Essays. This little paperback, published just last year, is […]

Little Tiny, Common Objects, & Jorge Luis Borges

Interesting for bibliophiles, connoisseurs of curiosa, fans of Jorge Luis Borges: Two Discoveries, by Kevin O’Neill, MOSTLY (NOT) ON MCSWEENEY’S! blog, July 21, 2009 In addition to the discovery of Little Tiny’s Book of Objects (1880) and discussion of Victorian style in relation to McSweeney’s, there is a discussion of Jorge Luis Borges’ story “The […]