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H. G. Wells Revisited (2): Wells & Borges

In my previous post I quoted from Borges’ essay “The First Wells” (1946), published in Other Inquisitions (1937-1952) and anthologized subsequently. Borges wrote multiple essays about Wells. This one was not anthologized in Selected Non-fictions (Eliot Weinberger et al), but it does appear in Borges, A Reader: A Selection from the Writings of Jorge Luis […]

Time travel lore

This humorous exchange of notes in a coffee shop recently came to my attention: A man opened the drawer in his cafe table. Inside, he found proof that time travel is real. (Happy Place, 6/30/13) Happy Place has more eccentric time travel posts.  Here’s one I couldn’t have made up: Oddly sexist Craigslist ad seeks […]

H. G. Wells Revisited (1)

The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Plattner Story, The First Men in the Moon. They are the first books I read; perhaps they will be the last. I think they will be incorporated, like the fables of Theseus or Ahaseurus, into the general memory of the species and even transcend the fame […]