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Stanislaw Lem on Jorge Luis Borges (Borges 16)

UNITAS OPPOSITORUM: THE PROSE OF JORGE LUIS BORGES by Stanislaw Lem, in Microworlds: Writings on Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Franz Rottensteiner (New York: Harvest / HBJ, 1986). I wish Lem would have elaborated more on his generalizations, because what he locates as Borges’ central weakness may cohere with what I would see as […]

Tribute to Ritchie Havens

SPIRIT-WORK ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE I return sun-burned from a long afternoon out on Pennsylvania Avenue between the National Archives and Freedom Plaza, digging WorldFest. I arrived at Pennsylvania and 9th NW after 2 pm, after Ritchie Havens had already begun his performance, and then I got the spirit. Ritchie was balding and somewhat gray, but […]