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Maurice Cornforth on YouTube

Dialectical Materialism: READ THIS BOOK!!!! (YouTube video link) I guess I’m ultimately to blame for this by having uploaded  Materialism and the Dialectical Method by Maurice Cornforth, which is volume 1 of  the trilogy Dialectical Materialism: An Introduction. Nobody should have to read this old diamat stuff anymore. You’ll get a lot more out of […]

Summer of ’11 Book Orgy

Here is a sampling of hard-copy books I’ve been reading all or parts of since my birthday, more or less in reverse chronological order, but several of these simultaneously. This doesn’t include isolated essays, chapters, or online reading. Yovel, Yirmiyahu. Spinoza and Other Heretics: The Adventures of Immanence [v. 2]. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, […]

Ralph Ellison in Progress: 2010-1970

Bradley, Adam. Ralph Ellison in Progress: From “Invisible Man” to “Three Days Before the Shooting”. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010. viii, 244 pp. In 1999, an abbreviated selection from Ralph Ellison’s notoriously unfinished second novel was published. [1] Last year, a more extensive version, based on the entire extant corpus, was published, co-edited by […]