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Wittgenstein’s philosophy as politics

Robert Vienneau’s blog Thoughts on Economics has an entry Wittgenstein and Marxism on my Wittgenstein, Marxism, Sociology: An Annotated Bibliography. More importantly, Vienneau provides his own bibliography Wittgenstein and Soviet Communism, mostly in connection with Piero Sraffa and referencing articles from New Left Review. There is also this noteworthy article: Robinson, Christopher C. (2006). “Why […]

Tavis Smiley meets Eddie Glaude: Black pragmatism in action

27 March 2007: Glaude: He is a professor of religion at Princeton University, “with research interests that include African American religious history and its place in American public life. Glaude was mentored by Dr. Cornel West as a Princeton grad student and has written/edited several books. In a Shade of Blue: Pragmatism and the Politics […]

Cornel West blurbs Tavis Smiley

I wrote this on 15 January 2007, Martin Luther King’s birthday: Tavis Smiley interviews Cornel West, Jan 12, 2007 Cornel blurbs Tavis: I think that when it comes to mass media, this particular show enacts the legacy because what you have been able to do, Tavis. The reason why I believe you’re the most brilliant […]


I just discovered that paremiology is the study of proverbs. Without naming this as a field of study myself, in one way or another I’ve occupied myself with this genre. Perhaps my first contact with what others had to say about it was through Esperanto. Zamenhof, who created the language, authored a book, Proverbaro, which […]