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Wittgenstein dramatized

Eagleton, Terry; Jarman, Derek; Butler, Ken. Wittgenstein: The Terry Eagleton Script, the Derek Jarman Film. London: BFI Publishing, 1993. The actual video is as a practical matter inaccessible, but it is listed for sale: Wittgenstein (1993). Wittgenstein is a figure of fascination and admiration for many, but the more I learn about him, the more […]

January 2007 reading review (2)

Here I list journal, magazine, and news articles and miscellaneous materials of note. Frankfurt School New German Critique, no. 97, Winter 2006, special issue on "Adorno and Ethics." This interesting issue requires a separate treatment. Elswhere I have reviewed two essays: Jay, Martin. “Taking On the Stigma of Inauthenticity: Adorno’s Critique of Genuineness,” pp. 15-30. […]

January 2007 reading review (1)

Here I am listing all or parts of books I read since my November Reading Review not reviewed in other blog entries, as of the end of January.  I will write lengthier reports on some of these as time permits.  MAD’s Dave Berg Looks at Modern Thinking, written and illustrated by Dave Berg, edited by […]