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Welcome to WordPress . . . I think

With this post, I am attempting to switch this blog from Blogger to WordPress and locate it on my own web site. Please bear with me as I configure the new format. To see my previous posts on Blogger in their original format and full functionality, go to: The new blog location is designated: […]

Pragmatism Blues

“. . . the Americans are worlds behind in all theoretical things, and while they did not bring over any medieval institutions from Europe they did bring over masses of medieval traditions, English common (feudal) law, superstition, spiritualism, in short every kind of imbecility which was not directly harmful to business and which is now […]

Borges Revisited (14)

Gracia, Jorge J. E.; Korsmeyer, Carolyn; Gasché, Rodolphe; eds. Literary Philosophers?: Borges, Calvino, Eco. New York: Routledge, 2002. Contents. I begin with skepticism about centering interest in Borges around postmodern concerns, but I am on the lookout for analysis relevant to my interests. I have no specific objections to raise here, if only because I […]